Hugely Entertaining!

Christine Green

I loved it! Great plot, a real page turner and I really warmed to the characters.

I couldn’t put it down. Just like Kingsley Amis treated ‘Lucky Jim’. 

Richard Wood

Mary Godfrey

Well written and very engaging.  

Becky Banning

Love the story!

Original and interesting.

Jonathan Miller

Good story telling. Very impressed, a real page turner!Fast paced fun.

Brian and Lin Emsley

Great book, truly enjoyed reading it.Perfect holiday read.

Shirley Holmes

 Editorial report.

This was a fun read; I could hardly believe all the complex twists and turns. I almost felt sorry for Charles after all his bad choices, although he was a villain, but I definitely felt sorry for the hapless Sgt Gill!

The cast of characters are all well rounded and have distinct and interesting personalities. The narrative is well paced, and the story is very engaging from start to finish. There are a lot of funny moments, which make the murders and the more startling moments really stand out by contrast.

It is a most enjoyable story and certainly proves that there is life after fifty! As I said, this is a fun, exciting and engaging story. Well done.